Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When I meet Doraemon-Short Story

A Short Story
Tittle : When I meet Doraemon

Hi,, I'm yasmine.. I'm waiting for someone who can bring me to japan.. And the one is Doraemon, I hope I can meet him and borrow his 'pintu kemana saja', but I think it can't be come true,, because doraemon is just a comic character... -.-

Taraaaa.. Doraemon come to me,, I'm so happy... I can't believe I meet doraemon, ^^
I hope it's not a dream...

Doraemon :: Hi, yasmine..
Yasmine :: whuaaa,, i can't believe it.. is it a dream? please pinch me...
Doraemon :: Ok.. *then, doraemon pinch me*
Yasmine : aauuwww... it's hurt.. it's not a dream.. I meet you doraemon.. how lucky i am..^^
Doraemon :: Yeayy.. it's me, yasmine.. i'll fulfill your wish.. I'll take you to Japan..

Then.. Doraemon pulled 'pintu kemana saja'.. I can see the cherry blossom tree.. and I can smell and feel the country... I'm so excited..

Doraemon :: Welcome to Japan, Yasmine...
Yasmine :: Thank you so much, Doraemon.. I can't believe I'm here now.. ^^

Doraemon :: In Japan, there's an event called Hanami, Hanami (flower viewing) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms. From the end of March to early May, sakura bloom all over Japan,  and around the first of February on the island of Okinawa. Now, we are here.. we can enjoy the hanami..

Yasmine:: Oh, Doraemon,, arigatou ne.. I'm lovin' it.. suki desu..:)
Doraemon : Oh ya, i would like to introduce you to ayumi... Ayumi is a japanese girl, now.. she wear yukata, a japanese traditional clothes... 
Yasmine :: Whuaa, I know the yukata, and I also have it .. my ex boyfriend gave it to me as a birthday gift..
Doraemon :: Really? ohh.. how kind is he.. ^^

Doraemon :: Hai, Ayumi..
Ayumi :: Hai, Doraemon..
Doraemon :: Ayumi, this is Yasmine, she come from Indonesia, 
Ayumi :: Hajimemashite, watashi wa ayumi desu, Douzo yoroshiku.
Yasmine :: Hajimemashite, watashi wa yasmine desu, Douzo yoroshiku.

Let's enjoy the Japan, Yasmine..^^
Let's enjoy the Hanami ^^



This short story was made in order to fulfill the Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge for March. The theme of this month is Country. And I made a cherry blossom tree, and the cherry blossom flower can be use as brooch. The washi doll is my older handmade, i made it when i joined nihon go bu (Japan group in my university). The Yasmine doll can be use as a bookmark. I drew it by hand on the fabric.. I take the photos on my boarding house roof top.. The background of photos is a wrap paper.. I like the pattern.. :)
Match with the theme..

I hope I can join next monthly challenge, because it's so fun for me ^^

* so sorry for my bad english and grammar..-.-
i hope you can enjoy the short story ^^


  1. Hihihi..mbak tina,aku ngakak liat doraemonnya...abis maen lumpur yak?mukanya si doraemonnya cemong cemong...:))

    1. mihiiiihii.. iy mb,, abis maen dilumpur jadinya gitu deh,, kelamaan dan ga mandi2...hehehehe

      thank you for visiting yaa..^^